How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

The calorie content in a glass of red wine varies based on the amount of wine served in it. While most of the restaurants pour 5 oz of red wine in a glass, however the standard serving size is usually considered to be 4 oz. There are approximately 25 calories in each ounce of red wine. Thus, when you have red wine in a restaurant you are likely to consume 125 calories in each glass of red wine while a diet friendly red wine glass would have just 100 calories. You may even be served 6 oz of red wine in a glass at certain places. 6 oz of red wine contains 150 calories. Red wine is known to have empty calories as only a few of the calories in Red wine come from any nutrients. These come from 15.6 gram of alcohol and 3.8 gram of carbohydrates in every serving. One serving of red wine has less than one gram sugar and no dietary fiber. Quite a few calories in a glass of red wine come from fat or protein.

Glass of Red Wine Calories

There are no fat contents in a glass of red wine; neither saturated fat nor unsaturated fat. The cholesterol, sodium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C content is also nil in a glass of red wine. An equal quantity of red wine contains 7 mg sodium, 4.6 grams of carbohydrates, 1.1 grams of sugar and 0.1 grams of proteins. There is 1% Calcium and 5% Iron in a red wine glass.

The calorie content differs in different kinds of wines. The calorie content in red wine differs from the calorie content in Rose wine, Dry White wine, Sparkling White wine, Medium White wine and Sweet White wine. However it is more or less the same in all of these except for Sweet white wine which has the maximum amount of calories.