Enjoy the Low Calorie Dishes of the Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine has its bad name for having all those delicacies that are beaten-up and deep fried with extra oil. These dishes are also well flavored with lots of salty and sugary sauces. But there is also a healthier side to this cuisine which many people are unaware of. There are certain dishes that are not loaded with oily fried rice, noodle  and other heavy meats. They are low on salt and sugar and are steamed mostly so as to acquire the healthy side. If you are on diet or trying to control weight then not all Chinese recipes have to be off limits.


These are several low calorie Chinese dishes to get a tasty and healthy diet and below given is the list of the same:

  1. Hot 7 sour soup or Wonton soup- Take a mug of savory starter that would effectively cut off around 80 to100 calories. Having a bowl of soupmade from broth before meal will help to eat less which means less calories.
  2. Chicken with broccoli- One cup of chicken and some broccoli will provide you 28 calories which is a right amount as to maintain your health. To reduce the calorie count further, request the sauce on the side and use a little.
  3. Moo goo gai pan- This super tasty Chinese food is made from lightly sautéed vegetables, button mushrooms, spices and sliced or cubed chicken. A whole cup of this dish is full of 275 calories.
  4. Shrimp with lobster sauce- This amazing dish is full of taste and spices but has only 50 calories for one fourth of a cup which is not too much.
  5. Steamed shrimp or chicken with vegetables- As they are not breaded or deep fried, they are high on protein and low on calories. As well they are equally tasty.
  6. The fortune cookie- a fortune cook after meal merely counts for 30 calories and also a tasteful end to your meal.
  7. Buddha’s delight- Plenty of seamed tofu and a variety of vegetables is never a fat making food. It is healthy, protein rich and tasty when served with sauce.
  8. Baked egg foo yong- A type of Chinese omelet filled with plenty of vegetables and baked with no oil to prevent more calories from adding up.
  9. Steamed veggies and lean proteins- The delicacies that are made with lean protein and lots of steamed vegetables is a perfect health food which will help you maintain your taste and health together.
  10. Baked veggie spring rolls- Vegetables rolled in a tortilla and added with minimum spices and few drops of olive oil baked in the oven is no harm to eat.

Go with these mouth watering Chinese dishes that will add to your taste and health equally as they are low on calorie and high on taste. Since they will nod add to your weight anymore so you can relish them whenever you want. These dishes are a perfect for a diet plan as they look interesting and tasty too.