6 Bad Effects of Skipping Meals

Daily meals are the source of nutrients and energy required for a human body. Many of us often avoid meals for no valid reason. Some skip breakfast as they run short of time to reach their workplace in the morning, some skip lunch because of official meetings or some do not eat at the accurate time to lose weight. Majority of the people fail to understand that consequences of skipping any meal will lead us to a crossroad where fatal diseases await us.

bad effects of skipping meals

Below are some points that explain the dangers of skipping meals.

1. Alternation in Hormones

When you skip a meal, the insulin in your body fluctuates and due to its increasing and decreasing level, blood sugar in the body is badly affected. Low blood sugar problem results in extreme stress, poor mental health, fatigue and mood swings. Stress hormones diminish hunger. Skipping of essential meals results in nutrient deficiencies as well thereby making your body succumb to various diseases.

2. Digestive Troubles and Unhealthy Food Habits

If healthy meals are not taken at appropriate timings daily, then chances of adhering to digestive problems boosts. Restricting a meal and later overeating leads to severe health concerns. The possibility of consuming junk food is high when a meal is skipped and later you feel excessively hungry. Get the right amount of calories by eating when you are hungry without delaying meals.

3. Excess Storage of Fat

Your body faces uncertainty when you hop a routine meal. It is then that the body stores fat to conserve energy. Excess skipping of regular meals will thus store excess fat.

4. Risk of Becoming a Victim to Lifelong Diseases

Researchers confirm that if a person is in the habit of avoiding his meals frequently, then chances of him becoming prone to diseases are high. Heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol are examples of such ailments.

5. Chances of Skipping the Routine Exercises

A meal when avoided opens up the gate for low blood sugar that causes fatigue, stress and mental and physical demand of work throughout the day. For this reason, it becomes impossible to continue with the routine exercise, as the person gets exhausted.

6. “Bonk” in Between Workouts

A feeling of tremendous fatigue, weakness, confusion and frenzy is termed as “Bonk” by Athletes. Starving or hopping your meals will give way to such a feeling during the course of your workouts at the

Thus, hopping meals habitually is not a favorable idea and steps need to be taken to educate people the importance of including timely meals in their routine.