How Many Calories in a Sausage Pizza

Everyone loves to eat a pizza especially with the many options that it can be made with. While this is true one of the most relished is the sausage pizza which is so juicy and yet crunchy when eaten. The sausage pizza comes in many varieties and options and the various toppings that are used along with the sausage add up to the calories accordingly.

How Many Calories in a Sausage Pizza

The different kinds of sausage pizzas that can be made are caramelized onion sausage pizza, Italian cheese sausage pizza, vegan sausage pizza just to mention a few of them. Not only does a sausage pizza fill the stomach but it also fills a lot of calories into the daily permitted calorie consumption of 2000 calories.

A sausage pizza is worth 669 calories which is for a slice weighing about 272 grams. The total calorie from fat is at 279 grams in this serving portion apart from total fat of 31 grams which is 48% of daily calorie value. In addition to these there is also the presence of cholesterol of 80 mg and sodium of 1807 mg which adds up to 27% and 75% respectively in the daily portion of calorie value.

Likewise the sausage pizza also has carbohydrates to the extent of 59.9 grams making it add 20% to the total calories and dietary fiber that is marginal to the extent of 3 grams adding about 12% in total calories chart. Even the protein present in the sausage pizza to the level of 35 grams makes it a high calorie food to eat.

Thus from the above calorie classification and the presence of high content of sodium and fat we can understand that the sausage pizza is filled with calories and can add up to the daily calorie count substantially. Thus one should keep a check while eating these yummy pizzas.