How Many Calories in Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Cider is a well known brand of hard cider and is the production of the Vermont Hard Cider Company, Vermont. One of the bestsellers, this cider captures around 47% of the total hard cider market in the US. Woodchuck ciders are natural ciders and are gluten-free as the product is naturally obtained from apples only, and particularly without any grains. The company produces different types of ciders under the brand name and the “farmhouse select” is the premium one sold in limited amounts in 750ml bottles.

Woodchuck Cider

Per gram of hard cider contains 7 calories. Woodchuck Ciders generally vary in alcohol content from 3percent to 9percent alcohol by volume. Woodchuck Cider is a brand of hard cider. This brand of cider is gluten free as they are made up of apples. Gluten is a protein complex and cider consists of a harmless level of gluten. 28gm of gluten (1 ounce) has 104 calories and only 1g of fat. The fermentation, in case of cider, is done at a temperature of 5-15o C.

This helps in retaining the aromas in cider.  A 12-oz of dark and dry cider has 177 calories while woodchuck ciders have 198 calories. The Amber Hard Cider of Woodchuck variety has 200kcal per bottle; while Granny Smith Woodchuck cider has 160kcal calories per bottle. Other varieties of this cider like Crisp cider provide 120kcal and Pear cider gives 130kcal per bottle.

The woodchuck ciders can be used in various recipes like apple cheese soup, prawn pasta, chicken cider etc and the calorie count also varies with each of these recipes. A glass of Woodchuk cider can contribute to the daily carbohydrate requirement and antioxidants helps in protecting against the toxins. The light, frizzy and not too boozy makes it a perfect warm weather drink in most of the countries.