How Many Calories in Turkey Wrap

Wraps are a sandwich like dish made with a soft flatbread and stuffing. The flat bread is rolled with the up around the filling. A turkey wrap is prepared by filling a turkey stuffing into the flat bread. There are a variety of turkey wraps which vary depending on the ingredients (besides the turkey) used in the preparations. It is a popular dish and is served by variety of food outlets. The calorie content of the turkey wrap is also varied depending on the preparation mode. A brief description of a few turkey wraps are given here.

Calories in Turkey Wrap

The turkey wraps produced by the Empire Kosher is graded a C, with the total calories in one wrap being 380. The fat content of 11.0 g in the wrap contributes 99 calories to the total amount. The wrap contains 2.0 g of saturated fat, 30 mg of cholesterol and 570 mg of sodium. The carbohydrates content is 57.0 g of which 3.0 g are dietary fibres, and 11.0 g are sugars. The protein content is 13.0 g. The wrap contains some amounts of vitamin C and calcium; and high amounts of iron.

The turkey wraps produced by the Ruby Tuesdays contains a total of 255 calories. Of these total 81 calories are contributed by the fat content in the wrap which is mentioned to be 9.0 g. The total carbohydrates contained in one wrap are about 23.0 g of which 10.0 g are dietary fibres. Also the protein content in the wrap is 27.0 g. On the positive sides the wrap has no cholesterol.

Jason’s Deli also produces turkey wraps which have total of 535 calories of which 117 come from fat. The total fat content in the wraps is 13.0 g, sodium content is 1694 mg, and cholesterol content is 37 mg.