How Many Calories in Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips refer to the chunks of chocolates made by cutting them in desired shapes and sizes. Though they are available in numerous sizes (i.e. large to miniature), they generally come in round flat bottomed teardrops with a diameter usually less than 1 cm. Originally made of semi sweet chocolates, chocolate chips now days come in many flavours. Few examples of the varied flavours are bittersweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chocolate chips, butterscotch, white chocolate chips, dark swirled chocolate chips. The chocolate chips are used in cookies, pancakes, waffles, cakes, muffins etc. They may also be melted to be used in sauces/ other recipes. The calories and nutritional distribution of the chocolate chips is given here.

Calories in Chocolate Chips

A single serving (i.e. 1 tbsp or 15.1 g) of Hershey’s semi sweet chocolate chips contain 80 calories. The calories from fat are specified to be 36. The total fat content in the tbsp of chocolate chips is 4.0g with 2.5g being the saturated fat. The protein content is 1.0 g and the carbohydrates content is 10.0g with 8.0 g of it being sugars. The chocolate chips also contain small amounts of iron. The good point is they are really low in sodium but at the same time the negatives are that they are high in sugar and saturated fat.

Nestlé’s Toll House semi sweet chocolate chips contain 70 calories per serving, a single serving being 1 tbsp or 14.2 g of chocolate chips. The 4.0 g of fat content in the chocolate chips (2.5g being saturated fat) contributes an amount of 36 calories to the total calories. The carbohydrates content in the chips is about 9.0 g of which 0.7g is dietary fibres and 7.0g is sugars. The chocolate chips have negatives of no proteins and sodium contents with the positives of no trans fat and no cholesterol.