How Many Calories in Turkey Burger

Turkey burger is a kind of a burger which has been made using turkey meat. A turkey burger is a tasty burger which is especially loved by those who love eating turkey. Many non vegetarian food outlets and restaurants sell these turkey burgers. The number of calories present in a turkey burger is dependent upon the exact ingredients that are used to make the burger and the method by which the burger is prepared. If you want to know about the calorie content of a turkey burger or wish to find out the health benefits of eating a turkey burger then please read the following part of this article:

 Calories in Turkey Burger

Jennie-O turkey store is a famous store which specializes in selling food items made up of turkey. Turkey burger is one such item which is sold by this company. 1 package of turkey burger which weighs 112 grams contains about 200 calories. Out of these 200 calories, 23% come from total fat, 20% come from saturated fat, 33% come from cholesterol and 7% come from sodium. This burger also contains iron, calcium and vitamin A and C as well. The nutrition grade given to this turkey burger is D+. The fact that this burger contains a lot of cholesterol is one of the negative points associated with it.

Wellshire Farms is a company which sells frozen turkey burgers which can be eaten just by heating it. 1 turkey burger sold by this company contains 200 calories out of which 3% comes from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 10% are contributed by cholesterol and 1% comes from sodium. The good thing about this burger is that it contains 8% iron as well. The large percentage of cholesterol in this particular burger can be counted as one of the bad points.