How Many Calories in Fried Chicken Leg

Fried chicken leg is a really tasty chicken item which is made out of a piece of chicken leg. Fried chicken leg is loved by many non vegetarians and because of this reason; it is made and prepared by a lot of restaurants and eating outlets across the world. Fried chicken leg can also be made at home. Do you know how many calories are present in fried chicken leg? Do you know if eating fried chicken leg has any benefits to health? If not and you wish to find out the answers to these questions, then please read the following given information:

Calories in Fried Chicken Leg

Hardee’s makes delicious fried chicken legs. 1 serving of fried chicken leg weighs around 69 grams and contains about 170 calories. Out of the 170 calories, 11% come from the amount of total fats present, 10% are contributed by the amount of saturated fats present, 15% come from the amount of cholesterol present, 24% come from sodium present and 5% are also contributed by total carbohydrates.  There is a large percentage of sodium present in Hardee’s fried chick leg and this is one point which is not so good. Even the cholesterol content is pretty high.

Chicken Express is a popular brand which is known to prepare yummy chicken items. This company also makes fried chicken leg. 1 piece of fried chicken leg that weighs 100 grams contains 290 calories. The nutrition grade given to these fried chicken legs is F. out of the 290 calories, 34% come from total fat, 40% come from saturated fat, 33% come from cholesterol, 29% come from sodium and 3% come from total carbohydrates. The good thing about this fried chicken is that it has no sugar but the bad points are that level of saturated fat and cholesterol is pretty high.