How Many Calories in Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a beer that is quite a niche product. The drink is considered to be rank one in many circles. But no matter how good the drink is, it helps to know what the nutrition content of this alcoholic beverage is. The main reason behind knowing the calorie content of this drink is because we all know that too much alcohol is not good for the body. Thus once we are aware of what the nutrition value of this drink is, it will help us to monitor the intake of the beer.

An 11 oz drink serving of the Stella Artois Lager has 154 calories. It has 6.3 gm of carbohydrates in it and there are no added fat content in the beer. This beer lacks any mono-saturated or poly-saturated fat and it is also devoid of any protein and minerals. This beer has no vitamins and therefore no health benefits are likely to come with this beer consumption.

Calories in Stella Artois

However, the Stella Artois beer has enough of carbohydrate contribution to the consumer that can lead to fatty body if consumed uncontrollably. The malt content of the beer adds to the fat of the body, which can be converted to muscles with regular and full-fledged exercise. Stella Artois is available in several packaged sizes, starting from 250-ml bottle, to 1-litre bottle. The pint-sized can is known as “La Grande Bière” (568 ml). The calorie content varies with each of the packages according to the volume of the content.

Stella Artois contains mainly 4 ingredients, namely Hops, Malted Barley, Maize and Water. Additionally, yeast is also used during the fermentation process, but negligible amount of it stays while it reaches the stage of packaging. Artois Bockm, Eiken Artois and Peeterman Artois are similar variants of beer that has different tastes and calorie values; however these 3 are not sold commonly.