How Many Calories in A Coleslaw Salad

Coleslaw is an American salad made from cabbage. This is not only popular in America but also in other countries. It is stuffed with mayonnaise, cream and buttermilk. Vinegar is used to flavor the entire mixture. Many other different types of vegetables such as carrot, apples, peppers, seeds, onions and various spices are also included as per the choice of the person eating it. Coleslaw is used as a side dish but it can be used as the primary or starter dish at the dinner table.

Usually 99 grams of Coleslaw salad is served and it contains more than 147 calories of energy. The presence of the dairy content in form of butter or mayonnaise makes it tasty, but fatty food as well. 100 grams of salad may contain more than 11 gram of fat. This amount of fat can generate 17% of total energy index. In this amount of fat, 1.6gm is saturated fat and the remaining is the polyunsaturated fat. The Polyunsaturated fat can generate more than 10 % of the energy in human body.

Calories in A Coleslaw Salad

Presence of different vegetables makes it as the healthy and natural resourceful food. 2.67 gram of sodium comes from different vegetables and can generate more than 11% of total energy index. 13 gram of carbohydrates can be found due to the use of different types of natural vegetables.100 grams of Salad may contain more than 5 gram of Cholesterol. 1.5 grams of protein makes this food very healthy for the children. The salad also contains different types of minerals such as vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, and iron by a huge amount.

Although there are various kinds of salad served around different countries, Coleslaw salad is recognized as nutrient rich and healthy salad due to presence of a large number of nutritious ingredients. Today it is served in many parties and also recommended by dieticians to add nutrition during meals.