How Many Calories in Pink Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is widely known and a prestigious drink with significant level of carbon dioxide, which makes it as a fizzy drink for any kind of occasions. The significant level of carbon dioxide comes from the excessive fermentation. The Sparkling wine is usually of two kinds – white wine and red wine .The classic example of sparkling wine is pink sparkling wine. Like all other kinds of wine, sparkling wine is also produced from the grapes.

The sparkling wine is produced from the grapes that are capable of producing huge amount of acid that means manufacturer targets the early harvested grapes. As those are early harvested grapes, the sugar percentage is not always normalized. This indulges the manufacturer to add some extra sugar while processing. Yeast is used as the fermenting agent. The fermentation process is done by two consecutive stages, one is primary fermentation and second one is secondary fermentation process. The color and gloominess depends on the fragmenting stages.

Calories in Pink Sparkling Wine

Normally 100 gram wine is served with various type of delicious food. This 100 gram of pink sparkling wine can produce 190 calories of energy after consumptions. As the wine is manufactured from natural grapes so it is obvious to have a huge percentage of carbohydrate in a glass. More than 10% of total energy index comes from carbohydrate. 100 gram of wine contains more than 27 g of sugar which increases the carbohydrate level. Out of 190 calories of energy, 6% comes from the 10g protein used.

Pink sparkling is still in the leading position in global wine market. The wine is not only loved for its taste, but also for its look and is an adored serving at parties. The lightness, fruity taste and sweet aroma make it quite popular amongst all. Too much consumption can add body weight and also bring health disorders.