How Many Calories in Pepsi

Pepsi is a world famous cold drink which is available in most parts of the world. Pepsi is one of the best selling drinks in the world and goes well with almost all types of cuisines and food items. But have you ever wondered how many calories are present in 1 serving Pepsi? Do you know that Pepsi might not have any health benefits or may even be harmful for health? If not and you wish to know the answers to these questions, then the following given part of this article will be very useful for you:

Pepsi is manufactured by Pepsi Company and 1 serving of Pepsi weighs about 340.2 grams. 1 serving of Pepsi contains 150 calories out of which 14% comes from total carbohydrates and 1% comes from sodium.

Calories in Pepsi

Diet Pepsi Max is another Pepsi variant which has especially been made for those who do not wish to gain weight by consuming this cold drink. 8 fl oz of Diet Pepsi Max contains 0 calories.

Pizza Hut also sells Pepsi since Pepsi tastes very well with Pizzas and other snack items.  1 medium drink weighing 397 grams contains 180 calories. Out of these 180 calories, 2% come from the sodium content and 16% are contributed by the total carbohydrates. The quantity of sodium is low in this particular Pepsi and this can be considered a good point about it.

Good Times Burgers is also a very famous company which sells Pepsi in plenty because Pepsi tastes well with burgers. 14 oz of this Pepsi that weighs around 392 grams contains about 168 calories. Out of these 168 calories, 2% come from sodium content while 16% have been contributed by the amount of total carbohydrates that are present. Again the low sodium content is a good thing about this Pepsi.