How Many Calories in Celery Stalk

Celery stalk is a single rib of the head of a celery plant. Celery stalk can be eaten in its raw form and can also be cooked and eaten. Celery stalk is used in many dishes and recipes and is quite good for health considering the fact that it is a green stem vegetable. Do you know what are the health benefits of celery stalk? Do you know how many calories are present in celery stalk? If you are not aware of the answers to these questions then the following give information will prove to be insightful for you:

Calories in Celery Stalk

1 medium celery stalk in its raw form contains only 10 calories. Out of this calorie amount, 4% of the calories come from the dietary fiber, 2% of the calories come from sodium content and 1% of the calories come from total carbohydrates.  Talking about the nutritional value of a medium sized celery stalk, it has been allotted B grade. There are many good points about celery stalk. Some of them include the high amount of dietary fiber, large percentage of potassium and a huge amount of vitamin C. but the only negative thing about a celery stalk is that it is high on the sodium content.

Barry Farm Foods is a company which sells celery and celery stalk. 1 oz of celery stalk contains about 90 calories. Out of these 90 calories, 32% of the calories are present as a result of presence of dietary fiber, 1% of the calories come from total fat, 1% of the calories come from saturated fat, 17% of the calories come from sodium content and 6% come from the total carbohydrate quantity. The large amount of dietary fiber present in a celery stalk sold by this company is a great thing about it. But high percentage of sodium is a negative thing.