How Many Calories in Heineken Beer

Heineken Beer has been a favorite for many for several years. It has been the obvious choice for brunches, lazy afternoons, boys’ night out and disco nights. The taste, the color and the texture of the beer has made it a great pick for many beer lovers.

Calories in Heineken Beer

12 oz of Lager light Heineken Beer has 99 calories in it and 6.8 gm of carbohydrates. There is a negligible amount of protein in the beer. Another variant of the Heineken beer is the Lager premium light Heineken beer, which has the same calorie content as the light one. The carbohydrate and protein content is also the same and the only difference is the taste. The premium beer is smoother than the other variant. However, some still prefer the other flavor. The draft beer by Heineken is yet another choice people prefer to have. 1 pint of this beer has 200 calories, 16 gm of carbohydrates and 11 mg of sodium. It also contains calcium, but just 1% and there is no amount of vitamin A or C or even iron in the beer.

The main ingredient in this beer is malt, which adds some amount of carbohydrate to the body.  Controlled amount of beer should be consumed so that the body does not get too much of malt from Heineken beer that can later cause obesity. If the drink is accompanied by recipes of meat and green vegetables, the negative effects of the alcohol content can be minimized. Moreover, the beer is rich in carbohydrates and lean meat adds proteins to the diet. A fruit salad with citrus ingredients also serves as a good option to add nutrition to the body and nullifying the ill effects of the beer. However, Heineken beer should be strictly avoided by people having heart diseases.