How Many Calories in Grilled Cheese

Cheese is one of the most widely used dairy product without which many recipes would be incomplete. Cheese is available all across the world and there are many different varieties and types of cheese. One such type of cheese is grilled cheese. Many different eateries and restaurants serve grilled cheese and some also manufacture and prepare it themselves. Do you how many calories does 1 serving of grilled cheese contain? If you do not know this answer and are interested in finding out then please read the following given article:

Calories in Grilled Cheese

Eat’n Park is a famous chain of food outlets which are known to prepare and serve some yummy items. One such item on the menu of . 1 serving of Eat’n Park grilled cheese has got 507 calories. These 507 calories are there in this particular grilled cheese as a result of 55% contribution from total fat, 28% contribution from cholesterol content, 59% contribution from sodium content, 9% contribution from total carbohydrates and 5% contribution from dietary fiber. Since Eat’n Park grilled cheese contains a huge percentage of sodium and also a pretty large amount of cholesterol, it cannot be considered very health to eat. Moreover the number of calories in 1 serving is also way too much.

Topz is a popular brand that manufactures several sauces, cheese varieties etc. this company also makes delicious grilled cheese. 1 serving weighing 134 grams of Topz grilled cheese contains about 440 calories out of which 31% come from total fat, 60% come from saturated fat, 17% come from cholesterol, 42% come from sodium, 17% come from total carbohydrates and the remaining 12% come from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to this cheese is C-. The only negative point about it is that it contains a lot of saturated fat.