How Many Calories in Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs are low calorie baby food. The babies can digest them easily and they are available in various flavors like cherry, corn, sweet potato, beach, banana, apple cinnamon, and strawberry. These finger foods can be eaten by babies who are as young as 6 months. These healthy baby foods come with a lot of data on the boxes and these data spell out a set of activities that the kids should be able to perform. Parents can choose the food depending on the activity of their kids.

Gerber Puffs

A 7 gm serving of cherry Gerber puffs by Walmart has 25 calories and 6 gm carbohydrates. It has 4% calcium and 10% iron. There is 2% carbohydrate in these puffs.

The combinations of bananas, cherries and peach puffs by Gerber Products have 25 calories and 1 gm sugar in them. They too have 4% calcium and 10% iron in them. Most of the Gerber Puffs have the same amount of calories in them. The new variant introduced in the market is the Gerber Fruit puffs that have the unique apple cinnamon flavor and are found in star shapes in vibrant colors.

The puffs can be eaten like munchies as it satisfies the chewing urge of children during the teething time. They can also be served in the baby diet with some amount of milk to enhance the nutrition value. 250 gm of whole milk has 150 calories and when the Gerber Puffs are added to a cup of milk, it proves to be a tasty and nutritious item for the kids. Milk adds to the protein content as there is 8 gm protein for a 240 gm serving. Milk also adds to the calcium and iron content and thus parents prefer to serve the Gerber Puffs with milk. A combination of easily digestible and healthy puffs with milk can be a great item for kids.