How Many Calories in a Whole Mango

Mango, the national fruit in India, Pakistan, Philippines and the national tree of Bangladesh has its identity as the most savoury and juicy fruit over the continents. Mangoes are also known as the king of the fruits. In India Mango leaves are used for floral decorations in many religions, for functions like weddings, public celebrations, and many other religious rituals.

A whole ripe mango fruit contains around 135 calories. Per ounce of mango pulp provides 18 calories. It has many other nutritional values, such as it is rich in potassium as well as vitamin A and C. Mangoes are also rich in fibre. One mango contains around 4g fibre, fibre supports in weight loss. Mangoes are also rich in healthy complex carbohydrates-sucrose.

Whole Mango

However a raw mango contains 107.2 calories, Out of which 1% is saturated fat. It has no cholesterol and rich in vitamin A, C, and E. If you are on diet, you can eat mangoes. As they have medium Glycemic index, but make sure you balance it out with other foods in your diet plan. It is said that the fructose that contains in fruits and vegetables are natural and thus provides a modest amount of dietary fructose and thus should not be concern.

Mangoes are used in making mouth-watering recipes, such as mango sorbet, margarita, dried mango, and many more. However these food items contain more calories than one mango, because these items contain added sugar. One serving that is 4 pcs of dried mango contains 160 calorie. But one can cut down the calorie by having unsweetened dried mango, which contains 120 calorie in 4 pcs. In mango sorbet also the added sugar increases the calorie count. In 220g of sorbet it contains 300 calories. Mango margarita is also a delicious recipe. But it contains a huge amount of calorie because it is made by blending tequila, triple sec, mango fruit and ice. However the calorie content in mango margarita depends on the amount of tequila used in it. 1.5 ounce of tequila has 97 calorie. One tbsp of superfine sugar has 45 calorie. The calorie also depends on the type of mangoes used in making margarita. One cup of raw mango has 107 calories and a cup of canned mango juice has 128 calories.

Homemade or unsweetened mango recipes are always good to maintain weight. Also regular exercise helps in maintaining weight.