How Many Calories in Fruit Pizza

The pizza is an Italian origin dish. It is made of a flat round bread which is oven baked. The oven baked bread is topped off with tomato sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings. When the toppings used to make the pizza include a variety of fruits the dish is referred to as fruit pizza. The amount of calorie contained in such a pizza depends on the toppings etc used. The calorie analysis of fruit pizza is given below.

Calories in Fruit Pizza

The Lunchables are one of the companies that produce fruit pizzas. A single serve of their fruit pizza (serving size being 1 pizza or 232.0 g) contains about 340 calories. Of this total 71 calories come from the fat content. The total fat contained is 7.9g, being divided as 3.5 mg from saturated fat and 0.0g from trans fat. The cholesterol content comes up to a 15mg, sodium comes up to 580 mg, and proteins come up to 12.1g. The carbohydrates contained in the pizza are 55.9g of which 3.9g is dietary fibres and 28.1g is sugars. The negative of the pizza is that it is very high in sugars. The positive points include low cholesterol, existence of iron, calcium, vitamin A and high amounts of vitamin C.

Egos fruit pizza is given a D grade and has a calorie count of 390 calories. The calories from fat are measured to be 117. The total fat content is 13.1g with contribution of saturated fats being 6.0 g. The cholesterol content is 15 mg; sodium content is 390mg, and 10.1 g of proteins. The total carbohydrates are about 62.o g of which 4.0 g is dietary fibres and 16.9 g is sugars. The pizza is very high in sugar which is a negative. But on a positive note it does contain calcium, iron and is low in cholesterol.