How Many Calories in Mai Tai

Mai tai is an alcoholic drink which is made by using rum, lime juice and Curacao liquor. This drink can be made easily by mixing these ingredients in a certain quantity and is found at several restaurants and bars. Mai tai is made by using Polynesian style settings and was invented in California. The number of calories in Mai Tai depends upon the quantity of ingredients used and the way it is mixed and prepared. You can refer to the following given information about mai tai if you want to know about its caloric content:

Calories in Mai Tai

Jero is a famous restaurant which makes tasty mai tai cocktail mix. 6 1/5 oz of this mix contains 170 calories in total and out of these calories, 14% come from total carbohydrates.  As far as the nutritional value of Jero Mai Tai cocktail is concerned, it has been given C- grade.  There are several good points associated with this drink and these are absence of saturated fat, absence of cholesterol and presence of low amount of sodium. The high amount of sugar present in this drink is a negative point associated with it.

Red Robin is another company which makes tropical mai tai. 1 drink weighs about 396 grams and contains about 277 calories. Out of the 277 calories, 1% comes from sodium and 13% come from total carbohydrates.

Fresh Island is another company which is known to make yummy premium Mai Tai drink mix.1 serving of this drink mix contains 150 calories out of which 12% come from total carbohydrates. The nutritional grade given to this mix is B+. The good points about this drink are that it has no sodium and very high amount of vitamin C. The very high amount of sugar in this drink is one of the negative points associated with it.