How Many Calories in Fried Banana Chips

Banana is a popular fruit mostly cultivated in tropical areas. It is known for its great taste and rich nutritional values. Bananas are used to prepare different types of delicious desserts and snacks for all ages. One of the popular snacks made from this fruit is ‘fried banana chips’ by deep-frying in oil. It retains all its previous nutrition by adding some extra calories in it. Apart from the additional calories, these chips also supply saturated fat, vitamins and minerals to the body.

Fried Banana Chips

The number of calories in fried banana chips varies according to different brands. 28 g of banana, manufactured by Nhabexims of 1 oz serving size contains 128 calories. Out of these 128 calories, 20 % of calories come from saturated fat, 6 % of calories come from fat, 7% of calories come from carbohydrates and 4 % of calories come from dietary fibre. In this same amount of banana, 36 calories come from fat itself.
The total fat content in it is 4 g, cholesterol obtained 1 mg, sodium obtained 4 mg and saturated fat contained in it is 4 g. The total carbohydrate content in an equal serving of banana is 21g, sugar is content is 16 g, dietary fibre and protein content available merely 1 g amount.

Similarly, 30 g of banana chips manufactured by Trader Joe’s whose serving size is only 1/4 cups contains 160 calories. Out of these 160 calories, 40 % of calories come from saturated fat, 6 % of calories come from carbohydrate, 14% of calories come from normal fat and 8 % or calories come from dietary fibre. In the same amount of banana chips, 81 calories come from fat.

The total fat content in it is 9gm, saturated fat content is 8g, carbohydrate contains in 19 g amount, dietary fat content in it is 2 g, sugar content is 3 g, and protein content is 1 g. This amount of banana chips contains 6 % of vitamin C and 2 % of iron in it. It does not contain any calcium and vitamin A.