How Many Calories in French Macaroon

French macaroon is a very popular French desert which is not only available in France but is also made and sold in many other parts of the world as well. French macaroons are available in many different flavors and sizes and can be seen at many pastry shops and bakeries these days. A small French macaroon is difficult to make with perfection and may contain quite a few calories as well depending upon the flavor used. If you wish to know more about French macaroons then the following given article would be helpful for you:

2 medium sized French Macaroons that collectively weigh around 60 grams contain 176 calories. Out of these calories, 14% come from total fat, 11% come from saturated fat, 2% come from cholesterol, 7% come from carbohydrates and 7% come from dietary fiber. Apart from this, 9% also comes from the protein content.

Calories in French Macaroon

One Patisserie French Macaroon small876 which weighs about 20 grams contains 87 calories. Out of these 87 calories, 4 grams come from total fat, 2 grams come from saturated fat, 6mg come from cholesterol, 1 gram comes from dietary fiber, 12 grams come from total carbohydrates, 9 grams come from sugar and 2 grams come from protein. The good thing about this particular French Macaroon is that it does not contain any amount of sodium and is hence good for health.

French Macaroons are also available in coconut flavor.  1 serving of coconut French macaroon contains 71 calories out of which 4 grams are contributed by total fat, 4 grams are contributed by saturated fat, 4 mg come from cholesterol, 78 mg come from sodium, 69 mg come from potassium, 8 grams come from total carbohydrates and 1 gram is also contributed by sugar and protein each. A little bit of calcium and a slight amount of iron too is present in these macaroons.