How Many Calories in Diet Shakes

Diet shakes are shakes which have been made in such a way that they do not contain many calories and are also healthy to drink. Many companies make diet shakes and these shakes can be available in many flavors as well. If you wish to know more about the nutrients in diet shakes and the number of calories present in different diet shakes then please read the information that has been given in the following part of the article:

Calories in Diet Shakes

Muscle Milk is a very popular company which makes many different types of shakes. This company also prepares and sells diet shakes. 1 serving of a diet shake made by Muscle Milk contains 160 calories. The nutrition grade given to this diet shake is A. The 160 calories have been made up from 8% total fat, 8% saturated fat, 2% cholesterol, 9% sodium, 7% total carbohydrates and 20% dietary fiber. This diet shake manufactured by Muscle Milk has many health benefits associated with it. Some of these good points are that it is low on cholesterol content, it has no sugar content, it has high calcium content, it has high dietary fiber, it has high iron content, it has large percentage of magnesium, it has huge amount of pantothenic acid, it has high potassium content, there is large content of vitamin A, it has high riboflavin, high vitamin B12, high vitamin C and high vitamin E.

Eckerd is also a company which makes diet shakes. 1 serving of diet shake manufactured by this company contains 220 calories. As far as the nutritional value of this shake is concerned, it has been given A nutrition grade. The high quantity of sugar in this diet shake is a negative point about this diet shake from Eckerd. But there are many good points associated with this diet shake too.