How many Calories in Dos Equis Beer

Dos Equis is widely spread Mexican beverage, made by the Mexican large beer production company named Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery. It is well known in the Mexico as well as in USA. Dos Equis is the a FAT free beverage which makes it a tension free liquor that means one can easily enjoy the liquid without hesitation  of weight gaining.

Dos Equis Beer

341g of Dos Equis beer usually comes with 130 calories. The manufacturer sometimes add some kind of extra chemical ingredients like propylene glycol, alginate carbon dioxide, chemically modified hop extracts, yeast as fermenting agent, and water as a diluter.341 g of beer contain 10mg sodium which uplift the energy index by 3% of the total energy. 11g of carbohydrate increase the energy index by 10%.  The manufacturer often uses 0.5 g of protein to make it a healthy product and potassium. 27 mg which significantly increases the calorie count by more than 50%. Small magnesium is automatically generated while processing which also increase the energy index by small amount.

Various types of Dos Equis beer is made depending on the fermentation process, sometimes it is performed in two levels for manufacturing the Dos Equis. First part is known as primary and second one is known as additional process. Some of the liquor has been created by primary fermentation and then the liquor is moved to a new boat and permitted a small time period of extra fermentation to make it extra favorable. Secondary fermentation is used when the liquor needs long storage before coming to a ready stage with a better quality. When the liquor has fermented, it is packed either into drums for cask ale or kegs, aluminum containers, or containers for various liquor. Thus Dos Equis is marketed in the safest possible way to retain the quality for a longer time, as it is one of t6he loved beverages in the American countries.