How Many Calories in Don Julio Tequila

Don Julio produced in Mexico is a popular brand of tequila. In the US, in terms of volume it is the 18th largest brand and in Mexico it is the 11th largest. Named after Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, Don Julio Tequila is a premium quality distilled tequila. The other varieties of Don Julio Tequila are Don Julio 1942 Anejo, Don Julio Real Extra Anejo, Don Julio Reposado (available in the US too), Don Julio Blanco (available in the US too), Don Julio Anejo (available in the US too). Don Julio brand of Tequila is indeed the finest quality luxury tequila since inception.

Don Julio Tequila, a popular type of tequila, which like the other varieties has 40% alcohol, contains 96 calories in 1 serving. A single serving of Don Julio’s Tequila offers 0mg protein, 0mg sugar, 0mg fat, 0mg fiber and finally 0mg cholesterol. The vitamins and mineral content in 1 serving is 0.0mg minerals, 0.0mg vitamins, and 0.0mg fatty acids. 1 shot of Don Julio Tequila has 1.5 fl.oz or 4.0g and the alcohol content is 14g.

Calories in Don Julio Tequila

The agaves cultivated for the premium and super refined Don Julio Tequilas, are cultivated at Los Altos de Jalisco. These agaves apparently take seven to ten years time for complete maturation. Following maturation, the agave is roasted slowly in the conventional masonry ovens for getting that rich taste of the juice, fermented with yeast and cultivated in La Primavera. Finally, this juice is distilled, giving you the exclusive taste of class and ecstasy.

Don Julio Blanco with the scrumptious flavor of caramel, oven baked agave, offers a crisp taste, apt for any tequila mixing in tequila cocktail. Repsado by Don Julio is another brand with the tones of cinnamon and honey with a mild smoky aroma offering herbal flavors. Anejo on the other hand with its notes of oak, rose and sweet agave, is followed by tastes of chocolate and caramel.