How Many Calories in Corn Chips

Corn chips are a snack food which are prepared with the use of cornmeal. They are shaped like a small noodle or scoop and are prepared by either frying cornmeal in oil or baking cornmeal. The chips are rigid and thick. They generally have a strong aroma and the flavour of the corn. The snack is prepared in two forms, corn chips and tortilla chips. While both are prepared from corn/ cornmeal, tortilla chips tend to be less rigid in texture than the corn chips. Fritos is the oldest and the largest manufacturer of corn chips in the US. A calorie description of the chips is given here.

Calories in Corn Chips

The Frito’s original corn chips are given a grade D+. Every serving i.e. 32 chips or 27.1 g of chips contain 160 calories with 90 of these coming from the fats. The total fat content of 10.0g can be divided as 1.5g coming from saturated fat and 0.0g coming from trans fat. The sodium content is 160mg with proteins being 2.0 g. The single serving of the chips contains 16.0g of carbohydrates with 1.0 g of it being dietary fibres. The chips do contain a small amount of calcium and have no cholesterol as well as no sugar content.

Tostitos natural yellow corn tortilla chips are given a C+ grade. A serving of 6 chips or 28.3g of the chips contains 140 calories. The calories that come from the 6.0g fat content in the chips are 54 calories. The chips contain 0.5g saturated fat, 80 mg of sodium, and 2.0 g of proteins. The carbohydrate content in the serving is 19.0 g (with 1.0 g from dietary fibres). The positive points of the food items are that they contain some amounts of calcium, iron, are low in saturated fat and have no amounts of cholesterol and sugar.