How Many Calories in Club Sandwich

Club sandwich is definitely one of the most popular and commonly available sandwiches. A club sandwich is a kind of a sandwich which is made by using toasted bread and is cut into quarters. Generally a club sandwich has two layers which are thereby separated by a bread slice. The stuffing inside a club sandwich may vary and be different for each person who makes it. Thus there is no fixed caloric content in club sandwiches. You can find out about the nutritional value etc of a club sandwich by reading the following given details:

Calories in Club Sandwich

Ranchi1 is a company which is known to make delicious club sandwiches. 8 3/5 oz of this sandwich contains about 470 calories out of which 25% come from total fat, 30% come from saturated fat, 20% comes from cholesterol content, 31% comes from sodium amount, 18% comes from total carbohydrates that are present and 12% are contributed by the amount of dietary fiber which is present in this sandwich. C- Is the nutritional grade which has been given to this particular club sandwich. The fact that this sandwich is low on the sugar content is a positive point apart from high amount of iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C as well.

Dunkin Donuts is another popular brand which makes turkey and become club sandwich. 1 serving of this sandwich contains 510 calories and on the nutritional scale, this sandwich has been given D+ grade. Out of the 510 calories, 34% come from total fat, 23% come from saturated fat, 23% come from cholesterol content, 74% is sodium,15% comes from total carbohydrates and 16% comes from dietary fiber content. There is very little sugar present in this sandwich and this is a good thing but presence of way too much sodium content is a negative point about this particular club sandwich variety.