How Many Calories in Red Pepper Soup

The red pepper soup, as the name suggests is a kind of a soup which is prepared from red peppers. There are a variety of ways to prepare this soup with a varied number of ingredients. Different types of red pepper soups include roasted red pepper soup, tomato cream red pepper soup etc. The calorie content of the soup depends on the ingredients used in the preparations. Producers like Campbell and Urban Fare also produce red pepper soup differing in their ingredients.

Calories in Red Pepper Soup

The Campbell’s sweet red pepper soup is assigned a grade of B+. The total amount of calories in a single serving (i.e. 1 cup or 259.2 g) of the Campbell’s soup is 120 calories of which 14 calories come from fats. The fat content of 1.6 g is divided between saturated fats (i.e. 1.0 g) and trans fats (0.0 g). The cholesterol content in the soup is 5mg with sodium being 620 mg and 3.1 g of proteins. The total carbohydrates content is 22.1 g of which 3.9 g is from dietary fibres and 10.1 g is from sugars. On the positive notes the soup contains calcium, vitamin C, is low in cholesterol, high in dietary fibres and very high in vitamin A. The negatives of the soup are that it is high in sodium and sugar.

The roasted red pepper soup produced by Urban Fare is graded A, and a single serving has a calorie content of 40. Of these total calories, 13 calories come from the 1.4g fat content in the soup. The saturated fat is measured to be 0.1g, with sodium being measured to be 152 mg. It contains 4.0g of proteins and 7.0g of carbohydrates with 1.6g being the dietary fibres. The soup is very high in sodium. But contains iron, calcium, is low in saturated fat, no cholesterol. It is also high in potassium, dietary fibres and very high in vitamins A and C.