How Many Calories in Carrot Chips

The dry roasted pecans provided by the Culver’s are graded B-. The salt added pecans have a total calorie count of 201 calories, with calories from fat being 189. The total fat content in one serving i.e. 1oz or 28.3g is 21.0g of which 1.8g is saturated fat, 5.8g is polyunsaturated fat and 12.4g is monounsaturated fat. The sodium content in the pecans is 108mg, protein content is 2.7g and the total carbohydrates contained are 3.8 g. The division of carbohydrates is 2.7g of dietary fibres and 1.1g of sugars. The good points of these pecans are that they have no cholesterol content, are low in sodium and sugar; and are high in manganese.

Calories in Carrot Chips

Compliment’s pecan pieces are graded C with the total calorie count being 380. The calories from fat are 333 calories, and the fat content is 37.0g with 3.5g of saturated fats. The protein content is 5.0g and the total carbohydrates are 6.0g with 4.0g of it being dietary fibres and 1.0g sugars. The fact that these pecans are low in sugar acts as a plus point.

The chopped pecans manufactured by the producers Diamond of California are given a C- grade. The total calorie count for them is 210 calories with 198 calories of them coming from fat. The total fat content in a serving i.e. ¼ cup or 28.4g is 22.0g with 2.0g of it being saturated fat, 5.7g being polyunsaturated fat and 11.4g being monounsaturated fat. The total carbohydrates are 4.0g with 3.0g being dietary fibres and 1.0g being sugars; also protein content is 3.0 g. The positive points are low in sugar, no sodium and cholesterol.