How Many Calories in Raspberries Raw

Raspberry is an edible fruit and comes from the genus Rubus of the rose family. Raspberries are grown in the temperate regions of the world and have become a very important commercial crop. There are a wide range/ types of raspberries like Korean raspberry, red raspberry, wine berry, Himalayan raspberry etc. All the varieties of raspberries are used to consumption all around the world. The calorie count of raspberry in its natural/ raw form is given below.

Calories in Raspberries Raw

Raspberries in general are graded A, and contain a total of about 64 calories. The fat content is 0.8g with 0.5g polyunsaturated and 0.1g monounsaturated fats. The calories from fat are 7. The sodium content is 1mg, protein is 1.5g, and the carbohydrates are 14.7g (with 8.0g being dietary fibres and 5.4g sugars). The high sugar content serves as a bad point. The good points include very low unsaturated fat and sodium, no cholesterol and high magnesium. Also they are very high in dietary fibres and vitamin C.

One cup (125.0 g) of the raspberry fruit provided by Dole (Fresh Fruit) has a calorie count of 50 calories and has been graded A-. The carbohydrates in the serving are 17.0g with 8.0g of dietary fibres and 12.0g of sugars. The protein content in the fruit is 1.0 g. The good points about these are that they are high in dietary fibres and very high in vitamin C. The bad point is that they are very high in sugars.

The raspberries provided by Wegmans are graded A, have a total calorie count of 35 calories and protein content of 1.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 17.0g with dietary fibres being 9.0g and sugars being 8.0 g. The high amounts of dietary fibres and vitamins A and C serve as positive points. The high amount of sugar content serves as a negative point.