How Many Calories in Candy Bar

A candy bar is one of the most common snack bars in the world and is a favourite of so many kids and children. Candy bars come in many shapes and sizes and come in several flavors as well. Many different companies manufacture different types of candy bars. The number of calories in a candy bar may be different than that in another candy bar. This difference is due to the flavor used and other ingredients used to prepare the bar. For knowing more details about the composition of a candy bar and its effects on health, you can read the following given information:

Calories in Candy Bar

Mounds is a popular company that sells candy bars. 1 candy snack bar manufactured by this particular company contains about 92 calories of which 8% come from total fat, 20% come from saturated fat, 1% come from sodium, 4% come from total carbohydrates and 3% come from dietary fiber. This particular candy snack bar contains very little cholesterol and low sodium and these are the good points about it.  As far as the nutritional value of this candy bar is concerned, it has been allotted C- nutrition grade.

Hershey’s is a world known company which manufactures many types of snack bars one of which is the candies caramello candy bar. One such bar contains 162 calories in total which means that 35 grams of this bar contains 162 calories. 11% of this calorie content is contributed by total fats, 22% come from saturated fats, 3% come from cholesterol, 2% come from sodium, 7% come from total carbohydrates and 2% come from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to this bar is D+.  Low cholesterol and really low sodium are the good points about Hershey’s candy bar but high saturated fat and high sugar are the negative points.