How many Calories in 1 Red Stripe Beer

Red strip Beer is a famous beverage that contains 4.7 % of alcohol by volume. The origin of this Beer is Jamaica. Afterwards this beer was imported to United Kingdom in the beginning of 1976. Then onwards this beverage has widely spread all over the United States. Red Strip beer has a huge taste profile which helps this beer to hold a top position in the beverage market.

1 red stripe beer

Normally one bottle of red strip beer is served with the 153 calories of energy. Red Stripe beer is an alcoholic beverage manufactured by the scarification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugary material. The starch and the scarification enzymes are often derived from malted cereal grains mostly malted barley and malted wheat. Red Strip is Fat free drink so any one can have it without any tension of weight gain. 100 gram of beer contains 14 grams of carbs and 1 g protein. Total 14 gram of carbohydrate is added with the beer ingredients to increase the energy index by 5%. Small amount of yeast is added to these as fermenting agent. It does not produce any energy but it helps the solution to get the fructose and sucrose. This ingredient enriches the fermented solutions with more taste than other available commercial products.

There are different kinds of processes to manufacture Red Strip beer .Among all the processes, fermentation is the process which determines the quality of the product. Red Strip beer is not only a used for drinking purposes, but there are many social activities and traditions associated with it like beer festivals and sponsoring to the national teams, pub crawling and pub games. In the presence of different types of beer worldwide, this beer accrues the best position not only in field of business but also in the social field.