High Calorie Drinks for Heart Patients

There are many drinks available in the market these days which contain high number of calories in them. These drinks are not only tasty but contain a large amount of sugar which attracts many people of all ages, especially the teenagers and young people.  These high calorie drinks are the biggest source of calories for most people in many countries such as USA, Australia etc and can be undoubtedly blamed for the increasing number of obese children and adults. Most of these high calorie drinks are also referred to as fizzy drinks or diet sodas.

High Calorie Drinks for Heart Patients

These high calorie drinks or fizzy drinks pose a serious threat to the health of people and may cause a number of serious medical conditions including kidney problems, messed-up metabolism, obesity, hangover, cell damage, rotting teeth, reproductive problems and even heart problems.

It is advised that heart patients must completely avoid high calorie drinks because by having these, they may be put to an even greater threat of suffering from a heart attack or other heart related problems such as stroke etc.

Some of these high calorie drinks also include alcoholic beverages which are known to have adverse effects on the health of the heart. While it is believed that moderate consumption of alcohol is actually good for the health of a person and for the heart, large and uncontrolled amounts may pose risk of increased cholesterol which in turn leads to heart attacks and stroke etc.

Moderate consumption of alcohol raises the good cholesterol and decreases the level of bad cholesterol from the blood and is hence considered quite good for the heart. But if on the other hand, a person consumes alcohol in large proportions, then the high number of calories which get deposited in his/her body will increase the body weight which will lead to risk of stroke and even diabetes. This overconsumption of alcohol is directly connected to liver diseases and damage in the muscles of the heart that are responsible for making the heart week.

Thus heart patients are advised to stay away from large quantities of high calorie drinks, especially alcohol and various alcohol based drinks. The heart patients must understand that once a person suffers from any kind of heart condition, he/she should restrain from indulging in the consumption of these drinks for a large period of time because heart condition can easily reoccur and there is no guarantee of it subsiding completely.