Food Guide to Building Muscle

Building muscles may not be a child’s play and involves several hard tasks and things to consider. Apart from the rigorous physical workout, building muscle also involves following a nutrient rich diet which focuses on protein as well as certain other important elements.  There are many food items which can help you in building body mass and muscle and that too in a very healthy way. Here’s a detailed food guide if you are into body building and muscle development:

Food Guide to Building Muscle

The First Rule

One must eat 6 small meals per day and these meals should be high on the quality. As you eat more meals in a single day, the body’s metabolism increases and more energy flows into he body.

The Second Rule

You must include complex carbohydrates and protein in each of your 6 meals. Try and get atleast 30 grams of protein in one single meal and stick to foods such as oats, brown rice, whole grains, and wholemeal bread. Some good sources of protein include fish, chicken, egg whites, red meat, tuna etc.

The Third Rule

Anyone who wishes to build muscle cannot do so without using supplements. They add nutrients into the body fast and protein supplements are often recommended.

The Fourth Rule

One must avoid having simple carbohydrates. This is because simple carbohydrates and sugary carbs which are often present in honey, soft drinks and sugar. Excessive sugar may not be the best thing for a person trying to build muscle.

The Fifth Rule

Excessive salts and fats must be avoided at all costs. You must pick foods with good fats and avoid the bad fats. The foods with good fats include fish, peanut butter and olive oil etc. one must avoid all kinds of junk food and fizzy drinks.

The Sixth Rule

You must fuel yourself up before the workout session. Eating a small portion meal before the workout containing complex carbs and protein is a good idea. This meal must be taken atleast 30-60 minutes before the workout session.

The Seventh Rule

After you have completed your workout session, you must follow it up by drinking a shake and preferably a protein shake. This will give you the nutrition boost which is so required by your body after the sweating out session.

The Eighth Rule

Drink loads of water on a daily basis. Water is definitely the most important nutrient in the body and many functions such as repair of tissues, body’s performance etc depend upon how much water you drink.