Top 5 Healthy Recipes for Kid’s Party

Kids’ parties always call for innovative dining as kids are fussy in regards to food, thus you should be looking into all aspects of dining for kids like taste, appearance, and even the health factor.

Hence come out of the boring carrot and celery sticks and make a collage of a bunch of healthy yet yummy food ideas to celebrate your kid’s occasion. Here we give you some ideas on food with which you will be able to delight and surprise your kid’s on their party.

1. Fish Finger Rolls

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Fish finger rolls will enhance your kid’s party mood served with homemade tartar sauce. To start with this recipe you need to preheat your grill to medium heat. Then place the fish fingers on the grill rack and cook for 10 minutes approximately turning the other sides. To prepare tartar sauce you just have to mix yogurt, capers, gherkins and parsley and grind it into a paste. Finally garnish your fish finger rolls with cucumber, tartar sauce and salad leaves to attract your kids.

2. Paprika Chicken Strips

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This preparation will add spiciness as well as healthiness to your kid’s celebration. To get ready with this recipe you need to heat up your pan and add oil to cook your previously marinated chicken with salt and paprika. Serve with chili sauce, yogurt and mint in a bowl.

3. Pizza with Sausage

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Pizza is undoubtedly, one of the favorite party staple to your kids. You can surprise your kids by making it your own with his/her favorite toppings. Cook the sausages with onion and capsicum on preheated grill and top it on the pizza bread combining with grated cheese. Finally grill it for 5-10 minutes.

4. Flower Fairy Cakes

Cupcakes with bright colors are hit to your kid’s party. You need to mix sugar, eggs, flour, pinch of salt and vanilla essence in a large bowl and beat it with electric beater for about 1 minute. Pour this batter into prepared muffin tray and bake for 18 -20 minutes. Give some standing time to cool it down and then decorate with flower petals on it.

5. Peach Ice-Cream

With fresh peach fruits, this fruity ice-cream surely brings an added excitement to your kid’s party. In a food processor make a puree of fresh peach with pineapple juice. After this blend it with yogurt, sugar and vanilla essence. The final stage would be to follow the steps according to the ice-cream maker to freeze it. You can serve this with fresh fruits as well either in a cone or in cup.