Tips to Add More Protein to your Diet

Protein plays the most vital role in the growth of cells in your body as well as develops the immunity power to fight back against bodily infection. Protein can enhance your metabolism especially when you are prone to lose weight. Inclusion of protein to your diet should depend on your gender and the activities of your everyday routine. Below given are some ways through which you can add more proteins to your diet.

more protein to your diet

Inclusion of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt consists of higher protein than the tradition yogurt. Hence you can easily include greek yogurt to your diet if you want to increase protein intake.

Add on Protein Powder

One of the tastiest, yet simplest ways to enhance protein intake is to combine some vanilla protein powder with your morning cup of coffee or tea. This would add extra 10 grams of protein to your diet as well as turn your coffee into a yummy one. Adding protein powder with muffins or oatmeal or pancakes can be a versatile option in this regard.

Addition of Cottage Cheese

Addition of cottage cheese to your diet can be another quickest way to increase protein to your diet. You can mix it either with natural yogurt or with fruits and also add some almonds with it.

Include Egg Whites

Egg whites are regarded as highly protein enriched food. Hence you can include egg whites to your soups to increase the nutrient value of it. When the soup is about to boil, drizzle the egg white into it. As the soup turns into white, put off the gas and it’s ready to eat.

Replacing Meat with Lean Meat

If your aim is to enhance protein intake then you can replace meat with lean meat as they are enriched with high protein amounts. Chicken, fish, turkey or tenderloin cuts of meat will be preferable to incorporate in your diet.

Inclusion of Nuts or Nut Butters

Try to find out ways to include nuts to your diet. You can combine it either with shakes you have or with salads to enhance protein to your body. Butters made from nuts can also be beneficial in this regard. 2 tbsp of peanut butter consist of 8 grams of protein.

Including Vegetables

You can protein-fy your diet by including lots of vegetables to your diet. You can intake either raw veggies or put it in salads to soothe your taste. Vegetable like broccoli, spinach, beetroot, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms are highly protein enriched.

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