What are Some Health Benefits of Alcohol?

Alcohol may not really have a very good reputation but it is a fact that moderate drinkers always tend to have better life span and health than abstainers and those who are into heavy drinking. It may be surprising to know but alcoholic drinks can actually be good for the health, but only if controlled amounts are consumed. Alcohol has been used medicinally for a very long time and has quite a few medicinal properties as well.

Many researchers and experts have proved that moderate alcohol consumption and good health go hand in hand and are directly proportional to one another. In fact what is surprising is that moderate consumers are known to have the greatest longetivity! If you wish to know some of the health benefits of alcohol, then you can refer to the following given information.

What are Some Health Benefits of Alcohol?

Alcohol and the heart

People who are into moderate drinking are known to have fewer heart attacks and strokes. Infact controlled consumers of alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer or liquor are known to have lesser chances of suffering from stroke. The fact that moderate consumption is related to less risk of heart diseases has been evident since the turn of the century.

Controlled alcohol consumption leads to reduction in cardiovascular diseases and even coronary artery conditions. It won’t be wrong to say that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages cuts the risk of heart attacks by 40-60%.

Alcohol and longetivity

Moderate drinkers of alcoholic beverages are found to live longer than heavy drinkers and also those who do not drink at all. It is a fact that lowest death rate from all death causes happens at the level of either 1 or 2 drinks per day. Drinking lower amounts of alcohol reduce the risks of mortality which in turn leads to a longer and healthier life. According to an extensive study done in China, middle aged men who consumed alcohol on a very moderate level were 20% less likely to die as compared to abstainers.

Alcohol and general health

Moderate drinkers also tend to have a general overall good health than those who don’t drink or indulge in heavy drinking. According to a study done in US, moderate drinkers experienced less acute hospitalization. People who drink but in moderation are likely to avoid any kind of long term illness and psychological distress too. Infact in a few teaching hospitals in US serve alcoholic beverages to its patients.