Party at Indian Restaurant- Follow These Tips to Eat Healthy

Indian food is considered to be unhealthy by most people but this is a common misconception. It is true that finding something healthy to eat at an Indian restaurant is not an easy task but if you order carefully, you can surely end up having a healthy meal. The following are the top 10 tips to eat healthy at an Indian restaurant:

Tips to Eat Healthy at indian restaurant

1. Go for a salad appetizer

The best tip to eat healthy at an Indian restaurant is to opt for a salad appetizer. Many Indian restaurants have green salads on their menu and these salads make for very healthy meals.  Also try and avoid salad dressing as dressings are high on fat.

2. Go for seafood or chicken

Rather than going for lamb or beef, choose chicken or seafood at an Indian restaurant.  These are full of protein and are less fatty than beef.

3. Avoid fried foods

Indian cuisine consists of many fried items but to keep it healthy, avoid ordering fried food items but go for boiled, baked or cooked foods.

4. Go for tandoori style

If you are ordering meat; make sure you go for the ones that are cooked in Tandoori style.  This means that your meat will be over grilled rather than being friend.  Over grilled meat is definitely healthier than fried meat.

5. Avoid the soup

It is natural to order soups before the meal but at an Indian restaurant, you must avoid ordering any soup because it may most probably contain a lot of sodium.

6. Order roti instead of naan

Indian cuisine focuses a lot on eating bread with curry. There are many styles and types of breads available so make sure you order the Roti bread rather than ordering naan.

7. Go light on rice

Many of the Indian dishes are served along with rice. Rice is full of fats and can add to your calories so be careful about how much rice you eat.

8. Order from the lunch menu

Ordering Indian food from the lunch menu results in ordering smaller portions.

9. Custom order

At Indian restaurants, you can mostly place custom orders so check ingredients of dishes you like and get your order customized so as to keep it as healthy as possible.

10. Skip dessert

Skipping dessert at an Indian restaurant is a good step towards having a healthy meal. By doing so, you avoid the unnecessary calories and thus make a smart choice.

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