5 Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

A lot of people love keeping food diaries or journals.  While some may find this exercise a waste of time, some of the others find it very beneficial and advantageous.  No matter what diet you are following and no matter you are on a diet or not, keeping a food journal can be very rewarding as it helps you keep check on the items you consume and the calories that you are gaining.  It is especially good for those who are trying to lose weight as it helps to monitor intake of food.

benefits of food journal


The following are the 5 major benefits of keeping a food journal.

1. The first and most important benefit of maintaining a food journal is that it helps you to track or monitor the number of calories that you intake each day and with each meal.  If you are on a diet to lose weight, this can be an extremely good way to maintain a healthier diet and keep yourself away from food that is high on caloric content.  Infact this will also encourage you to find healthier substitutes of food you like.

2. Your food journal or diary will show you what you eat and will give you’re a reality check.  It is will help you to know how many times of the day you eat and how snacking in between meals can add up to the total caloric content. Therefore this is another health benefit of maintaining a food journal.

3. A food journal helps you to know what all you need to eat to maintain optimum weight and a healthy diet.  It will focus on what important foods you are missing on such as vegetables, fruits, and grains etc.  By knowing your deficit areas of diet, you can surely work towards including better foods.

4. A food diary keeps a person on track and if done regularly, it can help you in becoming healthy in the long run. It encourages you to make healthy food choices not only in the present but also in the future.  It gives an entirely new outlook to your thought on food.

5. Another benefit of maintaining a food journal is that it helps you to chalk out meals for the day or for the coming few days. For example, if you have had a few extra calories today, you can plan your meals for the next day in such a way that calorie count is balanced.

Photo Credit By: coachstacyshealthyu.com