An Understanding on the South Beach Diet and the Benefits

The south beach diet is gaining great popularity and has given good results to many people till date. Within a week or two after you begin with this diet, you will tend to lose weight and this has made it extremely famous among those who would want to lose weight quickly. The south beach diet mainly involves reducing the amount of the intake of bad carbohydrates and fat and replacing the same with good ones.

This diet is mainly split into two stages. When this diet is followed the amount of cravings will be reduced and you would not consume the food that is bad for you. The 2 stages in the South Beach Diet are as follows:

south beach dietFirst Phase

This phase will last for about three weeks and you can take meals thrice a day during this phase. The food that are normally allowed to be taken in this phase include fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, shellfish, nuts and cheese. Garden salads are also taken during this phase, but, the dressing needs to be made from olive oil.

During this phase, you can also consume certain other foods such as pasta, potatoes, rice and various other sugary products. Make sure that you do not take beer or any other form of alcohol.

You can also eat some snacks between every meal. Desserts can also be taken after dinner. This is not like any other diet wherein, you have to stop eating completely.

Second Phase

Once the first phase has been completed, you need to start with the second phase. In this stage you are not suppose to have the sugary foods that you usually have and constantly craved for as in the first stage. Self control is extremely important in this stage. If the second phase seems really difficult and you are unable to restrict yourself for cravings, then it is advisable to extend the first phase norms for few more days, may be for a week.

With the south beach diet, very soon you can experience good health and people who do it with the aim to lose weight will also get satisfying results. South beach diet can be followed for long time and also allows you to enjoy the best balance of lean protein, good carbs, and healthy fat content. This fibre rich and nutrient-dense diet is actually good for all people irrespective of age.

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