Increase your Appetite with the Right Food Choice

The word appetite means, the desire for food. Due to the fast paced life, busy schedule and stress you might experience loss of appetite at any age, which has direct effect on your health. The loss of appetite is a medically recognized problem and is given the name as anorexia.

There are several reasons responsible for the loss of appetite and if you are facing any such similar problem then here is a list some foods that will definitely help you to increase your appetite.

increase your appetite with the right food choice

Herbs and Spices

Eating tasty food will definitely increase your appetite and any food can be made tasty with herbs and spices. So if you are facing the problem of reduced appetite then herbs might be the best rescue for you.

Moreover the nutritional qualities of the herbs also tend to increase the energy level in the body. Soak some fresh herbs in olive oil and mix some spices to it to form a tasty salad dressing.


If you maintain a bay with vegetables then it is high time for you to start taking fresh green vegetables in some form or the other. Try to make your food more interesting and appealing by not only adding flavors to it but also by adding colors to it. You can easily make a casserole which will have rich flavors along with a lot of nutrition and the vegetables will also increase your appetite.

Whole Food

Including a whole food in your meal is quite important. Whole food like wheat, oats, meat etc will provide you with enough nourishment in the body. Moreover try to take fresh juice along with them to improve the metabolism in the body which will hence improve your appetite.

The whole foods digest easily which balances any kind of digestive disorder and increases the appetite of the person.

Losing appetite is one of the most common after effects of any disease or surgeries. Furthermore, if this is not treated you might invite a bunch of health troubles along with malnutrition that will weaken your immune system, muscle and bone structures etc.

The above mentioned foods surely give a boost to your appetite, but presenting food in an appetizing way is also important as you are already suffering from loss of appetite so you will no longer get attracted to normal and regular foods. Thus, if these are only presented in an attractive and tasty way, you would start developing the taste for it.

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