How Many Calories in Veggie Burrito

Veggie burrito is a Mexican food item and is a tasty snack. Veggie burrito is made of tortillas wrapped or folded in a cylindrical shape filled with mouth-watering fillings made of vegetables, corns, rice, cheese, jalapeno, spinach, lettuce& sour cream. The tortillas are usually made by flour likely grilled or steamed, in order to make it soft and more pliable.

Veggie Burrito can be of various sizes & different fillings. One burrito is approximately 10 inches long and is stuffed with veggies & cheese. It has 765 calories, 18g fat, 102g carbohydrates and 27g protein as its nutritive value.
It can also made by 99 percent fat free beans & rice. This kind of burrito consists of 260 calories, 48g carbohydrates, 1g fat & 13g Protein. Nutritional fats & calorie count in each veggie burrito differs.

Veggie Burrito

Burrito with pinto beans, steak, lettuce, fajita vegetables, red salsa, cheese & guacamole consists of 890 calories. Burrito with Mexican rice, caritas, fajita vegetables, corn salsa, chips & salad dressing consists 1620 calories. Burrito with Mexican rice, fajita vegetable, steak, red salsa, cheese, sour cream, chips, guacamole, lettuce & salad dressing contains 1855 calories. Taco burrito is very famous, as Taco Bell is one of the largest food chain. McDonald is also a very well-known food chain. They are famous for their various Burritos. Huge options are available in these food chains for burritos.

Burrito with any kind of meat or beans will have more protein, dietary fibres as well as saturated fat & Tran’s fat than a vegetarian burrito. The calories of burrito can increase with ingredients like cheese, sour cream, chips and guacamole. To make a burrito healthy just add more vegetables and do not add salad dressings, mayonnaise & cheese, even tortillas that are usually made of flour can be made of whole wheat flour to cut down the calorie.