How Many Calories in Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love vanilla ice cream? Almost everybody who eats ice cream must have tasted vanilla ice cream at least once. Vanilla ice cream is the most classic and common ice cream flavors and is also one of the most loved ones as well among the children as well as adults. Do you know about the calorie content of vanilla ice cream? If not and you wish to find out, then you must read the following given article which also speaks about the good points and bad points about vanilla ice cream:

Calories in Vanilla Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs is a world famous ice cream company that prepares a lot of different flavors of ice cream. One such flavor is the good old classic vanilla flavor. ½ cup of Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream contains 270 calories which means that 106 grams contains 270 calories. This calorie content is composed of 55% saturated fat, 40% cholesterol, 28% total fat, 7% total carbohydrates and 3% sodium. The only good thing about this ice cream is that it has low sodium content. The nutrition grade given to it is C+ and the bad points associated with it are very high saturated fat content, high amount of cholesterol and high amount of sugar.

Breyers vanilla ice cream is also very popular and is quite good to taste as well. 1 serving of this vanilla ice cream contains 130 calories out of which 20% comes from saturated fat, 11% comes from total fat, 7% comes from cholesterol, 5% comes from carbohydrates and 1% is contributed by sodium. The low quantity of sodium is a good thing about Breyers vanilla ice cream whereas the fact that it has high saturated fat content can be counted as a negative in addition to the very high sugar content. The nutrition grade given to it is D.