How Many Calories in Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk chocolate bar is a very tasty kind of a chocolate that is relished by a lot of chocolate lovers. Milk chocolate has a large percentage of milk and is manufactured by a lot of companies. Milk chocolate bar’s calorie content depends upon the exact ingredients used while making it. If you wish to know about the calorie content of a milk chocolate bar, then the following given article shall be of great use to you:

Calories in Milk Chocolate Bar

Sorbee is a company that manufactures and sells milk chocolate bars which are quite delicious.  The nutrition grade given to ½ bar of the milk chocolate made by this company is D+ and the amount of calories present in it is 190. Out of these calories, 40% come from saturated fat, 20% come from total fat, 2% come from cholesterol, 7% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber. The good points about this chocolate is that it is low on cholesterol content, has got no sodium content, has got n sugar content and there is a lot of calcium present in it. The one thing that can be counted in the negative points of this milk chocolate bar from Sorbee is that it has a lot of saturated fat content in it.

Hershey’s is one of the most popular chocolate producing companies that also makes milk chocolate bar. 1/8 bar which weighs around 56.6 grams contains 280 calories out of which 55% is contributed by saturated fat, 28% is contributed by total fat, 11% is contributed by carbohydrates, 4% comes from dietary fiber and 5% comes from cholesterol. The nutrition grade given to this chocolate bar is D and the negative points include high saturated fat and very high sugar content. The good points are low cholesterol content and very low sodium quantity.