10 Healthy and Mouthwatering Dessert Ideas

A lot of people keep themselves away from desserts thinking that they will add to their calories and lead to weight gain. But instead of making it hard on yourself, you can try out those desserts which are healthy and at the same time are tasty as well. The following are the 10 most mouthwatering yet healthy desserts.

Healthy and Mouthwatering Dessert Ideas


1. Chocolate mint bars-these yummy chocolate mint bars are definitely very tasty and are healthy as well at the same time.  The chocolate is full of antioxidants and prevents diseases while mint too has many health benefits.

2. Strawberry shortcakes-if you use the less fatty ingredients to make this dessert then it can turn out to be one of the healthiest yet tasty desserts.

3. Fudgy cream cheese brownie-with smart substitutions, a fudgy cream cheese brownie can contain as less as 3 grams of saturated fat and are thus very healthy if taken in a small portion size.

4. Frozen peanut butter pie-peanut butter pie is very low on saturated fat and also helps to lower cholesterol levels, thus proving to be a very healthy and tasty dessert.  It only contains about 2 grams because it is prepared using egg whites.

5. Cinnamon streusel crisps-cinnamon proves good as well as reducing cholesterol level is concerned and thus you can have these cookies without any guilt of in-taking unhealthy desserts.

6. Vanilla lemon berry parfaits-this dessert contains fruit as well as lemon, both of which are excellent for the health.  If you make it using low fat yoghurt, then you will have a wonderfully healthy dessert at your disposal.

7. Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- doesn’t this dessert sound absolutely yummy? Well at the same time, it is quite healthy as well because it contains bananas and oatmeal.

8. Mocha phyllo cups-this dessert is low on cholesterol and very low on saturated fat, and this is reason why it finds a place on this list.

9. Quick baked pears-this is a simple dessert which is low in fat and is topped with pears that make it one of the healthiest desserts that you would have tasted.  It is easy to make and is great when served in front of health conscious guests.

10. Vanilla bean angel food cake-this dessert has zero cholesterol and contains very little total fat content.  Thus it is low on calories and is a healthy yet tasty dessert.

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