How Many Calories in Mango Salsa

Mango salsa is a kind of a salsa sauce or a dip which is made by using mangoes and other ingredients. Mango salsa goes well with nachos, chips, tortillas, breads etc and is very tasty and tangy. This kind of a salsa sauce is very commonly available at many restaurants and eating joints and can be made at home also by following a simple recipe. The following given information is about the calories present in mango salsa and the various nutritional benefits associated with it.

Calories in Mango Salsa

Freshdirect is a famous company which makes many types of dips and sauces and one of them is the mango and peach salsa. 1 oz which is 14 grams of this salsa sauce contains 20 calories, of which 4% come from the amount of sodium present and 2% come from the total carbohydrate content. As far as the nutritional value of this salsa is concerned, it has been given a B+ grade.  There is a high amount of vitamin A present in mango and peach salsa prepared by Freshdirect and this can be counted as one of its good points. There is also large amount of vitamin C present in this salsa dip. The negative points about it are the presence of high amount of sugar and a lot of sodium.

Meijer is a company that also makes mango peach flavored salsa, 2 tablespoons of which contains a total of 15 calories and the nutritional grade given to it is C. Of the 15 calories which are in Mango peach salsa manufactured by Meijer, 6% are contributed by sodium and 1% comes from total carbohydrates. High amount of sodium and sugar are the negative points about this salsa dip whereas the positive points associated with it include no saturated fat, no cholesterol, high vitamin A and high amount of vitamin C content.