How Many Calories in Carvel Ice Cream

Carvel is a very famous ice cream chain which sells many different varieties and types of ice creams. Carvel ice creams are famous for their taste as well as their quality. Each ice cream prepared by Carvel has different number of calories than the other ice cream. Each of the ice creams by the company taste different and have different good and bad points associated with them. If you want to know more about the calorie content or other details of carvel ice cream then please read the following given information:

Calories in Carvel Ice Cream

One of the most popular flavors of ice cream made by Carvel is the Vanilla flavor. 4 fl oz of Carvel Vanilla Ice Cream contains about 200 calories which means that 120 grams of vanilla ice cream sold by Carvel contains 200 calories. The nutrition grade given to this ice cream is C-. Out of the 200 calories, 15% come from total fat, 30% come from saturated fat, 13% come from cholesterol, 5% come from sodium and 7% come from total carbohydrates. Some of the bad points associated with this ice cream flavor from Carvel are that it has a lot of saturated fat in it and even the amount of sugar present in it is very high.

Carvel is also known to make delicious chocolate flavor ice cream. 4 fl oz of chocolate ice cream sold by Carvel Ice Creams contains 190 calories of which 15% are contributed by total fat, 30% are contributed by saturated fat, 8% come from cholesterol, 4% come from sodium and 7% come from carbohydrates as well. In terms of the nutritional value, nutrition grade C- has been allotted to chocolate ice cream from Carvel. Low sodium quantity is a good point about it whereas high saturated fat and high sugar are the positive points.