How Many Calories in Ostrich Egg

Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet and are considered quite powerful as well. An ostrich has only one stomach while a cow has four! Ostriches are killed generally for their meat and eggs. An ostrich egg is an edible egg which is relished by many people. One ostrich egg can weigh between 1300 grams and 1700 grams. It is 6 to 7 inches in length on an approximate basis and about 18 inches in diameter.

Ostrich eggs can be eaten in the form of omelettes or in the boiled form as well. Do you know how many calories are there in an ostrich egg? What are the various benefits or disadvantages of eating ostrich eggs? If you do not know the answers to these questions then the following given information will be useful for you:

Calories in Ostrich Egg

A single ostrich egg contains about 2000 calories. It is a fact that a single ostrich egg is equivalent to 24-30 chicken eggs. An ostrich egg contains 47% protein and 45% fat. This egg contains about 16.29 grams of vitamin A. these eggs are a rich source of thiamin and contain about 15.31 grams of vitamin E. ostrich eggs are a rich source of magnesium and iron but contain less of manganese and zinc quantities.

These eggs also contain phosphorus and calcium traces. Some of the ostrich eggs contain high level of selenium. These eggs have less cholesterol content as compared to the cholesterol content in chicken eggs. They also have less saturated fat than chicken eggs. This is one reason why ostrich eggs are considered healthier to eat than chicken eggs. One ostrich egg can feed about 12 people! It costs about $39.99 for one single ostrich egg and there are very few people willing to spend that amount on one egg.