How Many Calories in Trail Mix Bar

Life has become busy for everybody and that is why people find less and less time for themselves. This gives them very little time to eat. Thank God for the trail mix bars in the market! These are energy bars that come in different mixes and provide sufficient amount of nutrition to your body. Just grab a bar when you are hungry and one bar can keep you fortified for a couple of hours. But this cannot be substituted for meals. So before you take the short cut to eating, let us see the nutritional value of these bars.

Trail Mix Bar

A chewy Granola bar from Nature Valley has 140 calories but just 4 gm of fat. This bar is a mix of fruits and nuts.

The same bar from Kashi Company is 10 calories richer than Nature Valley and the fat content also increases by 1 gm.

The Mojo Trail Mix Bar from Clif Bar is sweet and salty and the bar is slightly bigger than the ones available from Nature Valley. This 45 gm bar has 190 calories and 9 gm fat in it.

The organic trail mix bars from Save The Forest are 28 gm and have 110 calories and just 4 gm fat.

Careful observation shows that even though these bars have a few calories loaded in them, they do not add too much fat to the body. They do have a fairly moderate carbohydrate count along with a standard amount of 2 gm protein. There are however no vitamins in these bars, but it does have iron in them. These bars are made up of fruits like grapes, cranberry, pomegranate, nuts, apple cinnamon, and some are even flavored with s’mores. These are energy bars that will stop your immediate hunger, but they are never a patch on full-fledged meals. These bars can be used as emergency alternatives.