How Many Calories in Cheese Fondue

Fondue in Swiss style and French and Italian styles is made by melting cheese and is served with bread. The name Fondue came to be generalized in the 1950s to indicate dishes where food is dipped into some hot liquid and eaten from a communal pot. There are various ways of making cheese fondues.

Cheese Fondue

Usual calories in cheese fondue are 247 of which calorie from fat is 131. In a single serving of cheese fondue total fat content is 14.5g in which saturated fat is 9.4g, polyunsaturated fat is 0.5g and monounsaturated fat is 3.8g. Cholesterol content in this dish is 49mg coupled with 143mg sodium and 15.4g Protein. With nominal amounts of Iron, Vitamin A and C this dish has a lot of Calcium.

Division of University Housing’s exclusive cheese fondue for appetizers and snacks has 236 calorie count comprising of 99 calorie from fat. A single serving of this dish contains 3 oz or 84 g and has 11 g total fat, 34mg cholesterol, 23 g carbohydrates breaking down into 0.8 g dietary fiber, 10 g protein and 2.4 sugar content. With almost zero content of Vitamins, this dish has substantial amount of Calcium and Iron.

The calories in cheese fondue Swiss by Compliments is just 60 and in a single serving of 2 tbsp you get 30 g. Out of 60 calorie count 41 is formed by fat. Out of total fat content of 4.5 g, saturated fat content is 3.0g. In this dish cholesterol content is 15 mg, sodium is 160mg and carbohydrates and protein content is 1.0g and 5.0g respectively. With 4% Vitamin A and 0% Vitamin C, this dish also contains 2% Iron and 15% Calcium.

In Prestige Cheese Fondue by Anco, the calorie count is 115 and in a serving of ¼ cup you get 57.1 g. Fat calorie count is 68. Total fat content of 7.6 g is broken down into 5 g saturated fat and 0 g of Tran’s fat content. Total carbohydrate content is 2 g and protein content is 6.8g while cholesterol and sodium content in the delicacy is 20mg and 338mg respectively.